Scout Mountain Winery Closed,
Effective December 30, 2018

Yes, we are officially closed, but we couldn't pass up one last Chocolate Lovers event!

Come join us

Since we have some wine left we thought this would be a good way to see all of our friends one last time. We hope that all of you can come and enjoy lots of chocolate, Scout Mountain wine, and our sangria. We want to thank all of you for all that you have made possible and don't forget this would be a great time to grab your favorite wine at 50% off.

We still have the following wines available at 50% off, by appointment only (812-946-1986):

Red White and Blush in Corydon, IN. may still have some of our wines that are no longer available here.

Scout Mountain would like to thank all our customers and dear friends that we have made and will never forget. You all have MADE Scout Mountain, not us. This is the hardest part in closing. We will miss and cherish all of you.

Over the 9 plus years we have been open, some have inquired about this career. If there are any thoughts of buying or leasing the winery, please let us know – but only serious inquires please.

Thank You,
Mike and Margaret Schad
Scout Mountain Winery